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Crocodile Dundee

Meet the fearless three-year-old who is Australia’s youngest wildlife ranger as he gets to grips with a feisty alligator


  • These pictures are enough to make the most undaunted of animal lovers wince.

They show three-year-old Charlie Parker confidently swimming with a North American alligator called Gump, lifting him up, and then wrestling with his squirming body before cradling him to the bank.

The plucky youngster, who claims to be Australia’s youngest wildlife ranger, is already an expert reptile wrangler who is at ease handling 2.5m boa constrictors.

Charlie Parker 1Splash: Three-year-old Charlie Parker has no fear as he holds a feisty baby alligator called Gump

Charlie Parker 2Holding on: Charlie winces in his struggle to keep a grip on the alligator trying to scramble out of his arms Charlie Parker 3

Reptile wrangler: Charlie calmly inspects the alligator in his arms at Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia
Junior keeper Charlie, who is pictured grinning while swimming with snout-restrained Gump, comes from a long line of relatives who own and run the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria.
While many parents are over-anxious to protect their children from any danger, Charlie has been raised to play with and learn about lizards and snakes.
Proud father and park owner Greg said Charlie comes from three generations of animal carers and has grown up around the sanctuary.
He said: ‘We didn’t go out to encourage it but he just loves reptiles. Like everybody he’s frightened of some things… others not so much.’

Adult male American alligators can reach more than 13ft in length, although the largest alligator is reported to have been a male killed in 1890 measuring 19ft Charlie Parker 4

Gotcha! Charlie, cradling the North American alligator, comes from a long line of animal carers who run the Ballarat Wildlife Park Charlie Parker 5

Wildlife ranger: Charlie expertly cradles Gump the alligator to shore while easing himself onto the bank

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